Malls are for suckers, plus they cause scurvy!

ZeroThousand wants you to have cool gear, so we decided to make some.
Herein you will find all manner of trinkets blazoned with awesome art
made by the ZeroThousand crew and our friends. We are initially doing
small runs, so there may be designs shown that have not yet been printed.
If you see something that you are dying to have, drop us an email and
let us know! If we get enough interest in a particular design we will move
it up in the production schedule. The same goes for the medium: If we have a shirt
design that you really want on a keychain, or a bag, or other widget,
contact us!

Enough yammering, onto the gear!

Shirts Patches Flasks Bags

  • All payments are conducted via Paypal so we can accept long strings of numbers from your plastic cards.
  • All orders will have $5.00 S&H added and will be shipped via USPS Mail.
  • Should your order incur significantly more postage than expected, we will let you know. The $5.00 should cover 2-3 shirts or 2 shirts and a flask, etc.
  • If you are outside the US, please let us know where you are and we'll send you a Paypal request for the remainder of shipping charges if necessary.
  • You are responsible for knowing your postal service/customs laws, etc. ZeroThousand will not assume risk for delayed or lost mail due to postal regulations and/or errors.